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    Dragon Jade International Announces Exclusive Negotiation For SleepMate

    Dragon Jade International Announces Exclusive Negotiation for SleepMate

    Hong Kong, January 5, 2015 -- Dragon Jade International Limited (OTCQB:DGJI) (the “Company”) announced today that it is negotiating for the exclusive licensing rights to SleepMate , a medical monitoring application device.

    The alliance, upon completion, will cover two major strategic initiatives:

    1.   Food and Drug Administration Approval

    Parties will collaborate on submitting a medical device submission for FDA clearance on the SleepMate product.  The SleepMate device is categorized as Lowest Risk device according to the FDA guidelines and can be submitted under a FDA fast-track process.

    2.   Exclusive Distribution of SleepMate Products

    Dragon Jade will be granted an exclusive license to represent and distribute all SleepMate products.  Dragon Jade will leverage on it’s proprietary medicinal resellers network to capitalize on marketing the FDA approved SleepMate brand.

    SleepMate was developed and manufactured by a Chinese technology company for the Chinese market.  The initial product is a blanket with sensors placed within it.  The sensors monitor heart rate, respiration rate, sleep quality and depth.  Data collected can be transmitted to smart phones or computers through Bluetooth and WIFI for analyzing to improve any dysfunctional sleeping patterns.

    The SleepMate product is particularly well suited for families wishing to monitor other family members.  By accessing the SleepMate health vital signs through an APP on their smart phones, we can improve the health standards at home now.


    The health monitoring device market is growing at a significant rate.  The global market is expected to reach $22,173.8 million by 2018 growing at a CAGR of 5.5% during the forecast period (2013–2018).   The driving factors of the monitoring market are due to the rise in aging population living alone and growing health awareness.


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