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Dragon Jade International
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  • It becomes abundantly clear that traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) is going to be the next modality and prescribed TCM formulas will be viewed as powerful therapeutic cures. Dragon Jade pioneering endeavors in promoting better access and broader use of TCM will definitely be paid off and return of investments should be remarkable.

  • Dragon Jade in-depth understanding of how to carry out biomedical experimentation, clinical traits, systematic reviews and sampled surveys will surely help its selected traditional Chinese medicines partner companies to meet the western scientific disciplines of medicines or healthcare products.

  • Dragon Jade has extensive know- how techniques to implement and comply with the prescribed codes of practices and relevant laws and ordinances. These merits will definitely attract generous funds and revenues in the near future for there are far too many TCM companies are eager to seek assistance to help them deal with the tough FDA regulatory regime.

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    Mangen Enzyme

    Mangen Enzyme is produced with technology developed in Japan, which complies with the strict safety standards of food authority in Japan. Mangen Enzyme contains enzymes from 63 types of carefully selected quality vegetables, plants, fruits and herbs, works to maintain the correct nutritional balance and therefore helps human body metabolism and improves health.

    Enzymes are utilized when sperm is mingled with the ovary. Activities such as breathing, blood circulation, endocrine system, immune system, detoxification, muscle activities, thinking and even observing with eyes require the enzymes so as to have proper functioning. At the same time, enzymes also help in digestion, food absorption and enable the gist of nutrients to be converted into muscles, blood and life force. Enzymes also help to detoxify and eliminate old cells and replenish our body with new cells as well as promoting metabolism. So we say that the enzymes are important substances for maintaining life, promoting better health and revive vitality.