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Dragon Jade International
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  • It becomes abundantly clear that traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) is going to be the next modality and prescribed TCM formulas will be viewed as powerful therapeutic cures. Dragon Jade pioneering endeavors in promoting better access and broader use of TCM will definitely be paid off and return of investments should be remarkable.

  • Dragon Jade in-depth understanding of how to carry out biomedical experimentation, clinical traits, systematic reviews and sampled surveys will surely help its selected traditional Chinese medicines partner companies to meet the western scientific disciplines of medicines or healthcare products.

  • Dragon Jade has extensive know- how techniques to implement and comply with the prescribed codes of practices and relevant laws and ordinances. These merits will definitely attract generous funds and revenues in the near future for there are far too many TCM companies are eager to seek assistance to help them deal with the tough FDA regulatory regime.

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    Dragon Jade International Limited is a Hong Kong-based company comprised of 'good people' dedicated to superior customer service and continuous innovation. We are always looking for the best and the brightest individuals in the industry. If you feel you would fit in a fast-paced and forward-thinking environment, please send us your resume.

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    Please Note: In no way does Dragon Jade International Limited accept any unsolicited resumes or other submissions from recruiting agencies or specialized search firms. Payment of fees will not be considered for any unsolicited resumes forwarded to Dragon Jade International Limited. We thank you for your cooperation.